Teeth Whitening

Feel Fresh And Confident With A Brighter Whiter Smile

  • We will give you new confidence with a brighter, whiter smile
  • Within days you can safely start to reverse years of staining to look – and feel – younger
  • You can feel good about the way you look for a big occasion (like a wedding or a special birthday) or just because
  • You can feel secure you are getting premium treatment supervised by our highly-skilled dentists

Do you feel self conscious about your stained, discolored teeth? Tea, coffee,curries,red wine and smoking all take their toll. But now it is easy to reverse years of staining with teeth whitning You get the confidence of whitning your teeth at home and you also get the safety and security – with our expert Dentist at The Bank Dental Practice Teeth whitening is one of the most easiest and most cost effective ways to give your confidence a boost with a cosmetic treatment. Our patients tell us how amazing and young they feel after the treatment.

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The process

  • It is either carried out by a simple, dentist supervised, home routine using specially constructed dental trays and gel over two weeks (costing £350)
  • Or in-surgery power whitening in a single session (costing £500).
  • It does not weaken the teeth. It can occasionally cause transient tooth sensitivity, which is easily remedied
  • The results can be dramatic!

       At The Bank, we only use the best materials and the best dental technology